Unique rose hip supplement LITOZIN is a natural dietary supplement which helps maintaining healthy and flexible joints.

Joint problems affect more and more people throughout the world. The number is growing due to our change in lifestyle, diet and increased life expectancy. Nearly one in four adults is affected by longstanding musculoskeletal discomfort causing limited mobility. This development in society calls for increased focus on joint health.

Why do we need LITOZIN?
Many experience discomfort in knees, hips, shoulders, hands or ankles, causing a loss of the overall quality of life. Conventional products not always deliver long term effect on joint discomfort and over the longer period of usage may have side effects. Therefore people facing joint issues are continuously looking for different product solutions to improve their condition.

Unique rose hip supplement
LITOZIN is a natural dietary supplement without known side effects, which helps maintaining healthy and flexible joints. It is produced from enhanced rose hip powder applying a unique patent pending manufacturing method. Only carefully handpicked, wild rose hip berries, growing in pristine surroundings of Chile, are used in the product. LITOZIN contains active complex of Rosenoids, which is the complex of key components in rose hip, all functioning together on different mechanisms beneficial for joints. Rosenoids  complex consists of carotenoids, flavonoids, triterpenoic acids, galactolipids and added vitamin C. Feel the difference! The Science behind LITOZIN. The effects of rose hip on joint health are very well documented. A recently published study on discomfort in knees shows an average reduction of 29% in the level of discomfort amongst the participants. This reduction is even achieved with just 3 capsules a day, where more conventional rose hip products require 6. The results confirm the potency of LITOZIN with Rosenoids. Further studies on the efficacy of LITOZIN with Rosenoids are underway to additionally support the effects.

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