Maxim helps you achieve your targeted results, whether you are a professional athlete or exercising to get into better shape.

Maxim offers a broad range of sports nutrition products designed to boost both strength and endurance. Our bars, gels and sports drinks are adapted to different levels of activity to make it easier for you to reach the goals that you have set for yourself.

Maxim’s history
Maxim means “basic principle”, “motto” or “rule of conduct”. Maxim derives from the Latin word “maximus”, which means “the greatest “. Steve Jennings, who started Maxim, thought this fit well with his vision.
Steve Jennings is a characteristic man. He is an entrepreneur with an innovative, inquiring mind and has always been an enthusiastic cyclist. Although no longer a professional cyclist, he still enjoys cycling for the experience and exercise. That was how he first met cyclist Chris Boardman. They got to know each other well and Steve began to investigate how the expert knowledge he possessed could help Chris advance in his career. In 1991, working with a team of scientists, he started to develop what would become Maxim’s first sports nutrition product: a pure carbohydrate concentrate that provided Chris with maximum energy during both training and racing. One year later, Chris Boardman won a gold medal at the Olympic Games in Barcelona, and has since set three world records and worn the yellow jersey three times in the Tour de France.

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