Highest quality omega-3 since 1854.

Möller’s originates from the pure and cold waters of Lofoten, Norway. This is where we catch the wild Arctic cod, which has been used in our cod liver oil since 1854.

Our long history has given us unique knowledge about the best raw material, where to find it and how it must be processed to provide great tasting and pure products. Strict quality control Möller’s is produced at our own factory in Norway, where we have strict quality controls. In fact, the quality standards for Möller’s are far stricter than those put forward by the authorities in Europe and Norway. We can therefore guarantee that our products are of highest quality, purity and freshness.

Award-winning taste
Möller’s cod liver oil is today sold to many countries. The cod liver oil has been awarded the prestigious Superior Taste Award for the quality and taste of our cod liver oil. The award is distributed by the International Taste and Quality Institute (ITQI), Brussels.

What is omega-3?
All cells in the body need omega-3 fatty acids to function properly. The body can not produce them itself, but depends on getting omega-3 added through the diet, either through food or food supplements. Omega-3 fatty acids Möller’s is an expert in the field of cod-liver oils and omega-3 acids. Cod liver oil is purified fat oil, obtained from the fresh livers of codfish or other fish from the Gadidae family. It contains omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A and D, which are important for the health. DHA and EPA are the most important omega-3 fatty acids. DHA and EPA are found in marine omega-3 and have the best documented beneficial health effects of all omega-3 fatty acids. Möller’s Cod Liver Oil is a rich source of marine omega-3 from wild Norwegian Arctic cod. You get 1,2 g omega-3 per daily recommended dose, which is more than most omega-3 products on the market.

Documented effect
There are over 15 000 scientific articles describing the beneficial health effects of marine omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA. Omega-3 has a documented positive effect on heart, brain and vision.

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