Nutrilett is weight management products. When Nutrilett products are developed the primarily focuse is on two things: efficiency and good taste.

Nutrilett was established by the Norwegian/Danish doctor Lars H. Høie in 1989. Lars H. Høie was working with the prevention of overweight. Through research, he found that low calorie powders with high quality soy protein would contribute to weight loss when used as a diet.He continued his research within this field, and the results were convincing. It was apparent that these type of products could benefit all people who were overweight – and so the Nutrilett Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) powders were born!

Nutrilett has a wide selection of products with the best taste! After having been on a diet, we know that it is hard to maintain the weight that has been lost, and therefore we decided to develop products to help control the calorie intake after a diet. This is how the Nutrilett bars and smoothies came to be. The bars and smoothies are perfect meal replacements to help manage weight. We know that taste is important in whatever meal, so our priority is to make great tasting bars and smoothies. Consumer research has also shown that we in fact have the best dieting bars in the Nordics!

Download our booklet here: Nutrilett booklet