In 1854 Möller’s was established in Norway and became revolutionary in the processing of cod liver oil.

In 1933, Collett Pharma was established in Norway and was known for the brands Nyco and Sanasol and the range of Collet vitamins. And in 1944 Dansk Droge was established in Denmark. Dansk Droge evolved from being a trading company to a pharmaceutical company, and furthermore it became a trendsetter for the distribution of food supplements in grocery chains.

In 1990, Möller’s became a part of Orkla. Orkla purchased Collett Pharma in 2005 and a year later in 2006 they purchased Dansk Droge, and thus Axellus was established as one joint company based on Möller’s, Collett Pharma and Dansk Droge in 2007.

In 2014 Axellus was renamed Orkla Health.

In 2015 Orkla bought Cederroth and the Danish company HUSK.