Greeks love Möller’s cod liver oil!

Møller’s has had great success in Greece since introducing its cod liver oil there in 2015. The product’s wholesomeness, authenticity and purity, along with the fact that it’s Norwegian, seem to have caught on with the Greeks.

“We have never seen anything like it in any other country. The reception we have had in the Greek market has been marvellous,” says Martin Pinstrup, Director of International Marketing and Sales at Orkla Health.

Some 800,000 units have been sold since Möller’s cod liver oil was released in Greece, and the growth keeps coming. The product launch achieved high visibility, with TV spots and fully wrapped buses advertising the Möller’s motif. In Greece, Möller’s products are sold primarily through the pharmacy channel.

“We have a clear strategy to launch Möller’s globally,” he says. “The Möller’s brand enjoys very strong standing due to the focus on health and naturalness. It’s incredibly motivating when we experience product launches like this one.”

In recent years, Möller’s cod liver oil has been introduced into a variety of European countries. Today, about 4,8 million bottles are sold per year and about half the volume occurs outside of Norway. In Poland, Möller’s became a strong brand very quickly, with unbelievable growth in the past seven years. Three years ago Möller’s cod liver oil was also introduced in Romania. In 2017 the product will be introduced in several other European countries.