CuraMed was established in 1989 by a Norwegian family-owned pharmaceutical company, and for many people has been a good remedy to turn to when they feel a cold coming on.

Fight the Cold

Curamed® was established in 1989 by a Norwegian pharmaceutical family company that developed, produced and marketed innovative products based on raw milk (colostrum) using an advanced and patented technology. The products were all carefully tested in collaboration with leading researchers in pharmacy, immunology, microbiology and veterinary fields. The founder of the company combined the old knowledge of colostrum with new science which based the foundation for the Norwegian sales success, the Curamed® tablet.

Why Curamed®?

Curamed® is sore throat pastilles based on the natural ingredient; colostrum. Curamed® is unique as it has proven efficacy for sore throat by natural origin antibodies from colostrum.

Curamed® has a variety of great benefits in order to fight the cold:

1) Fight sore throat:                                                                                                                                       The tablets work as preventive throat care, containing raw milk, niacin and vitamin C.

2) Intensive throat care:                                                                                                                              When more intensive care is needed, the Curamed® has developed the “intensive Throat Care” range, which has a higher content of raw milk, vitamin C and niacin.

3) Sooth cough and throat:                                                                                                                          Curamed® also has two lozenge variations that have soft cores. These lozenges are helpful in order to ease cough and sooth a sore throat. One variant contains eucalyptus, and fennel, which all contribute to open up breathing through the nose and soothes cough and throat. Another variant is available with ginger, menthol, honey and thyme, to warm a sore throat and ease cough. CuraMed® lozenges contain several active ingredients such as thyme, lemon balm, eucalyptus oil and fennel oil – many with EFSA applied claims on relieving effect on sore throat and cough and in connection with common cold.

Our Consumers

CuraMed® is a brand for everyone. Our consumers are looking for natural ingredients, documented effect and they have a good understanding of the importance of vitamins and health.


Intrested in reading more?

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