HUSK Gut Balance

TThe herbal medicine HUSK Psyllium-seed is available both as powder and in vegetable capsules.

Your Daily Stomach Health

HUSK® Gut Balance is a range of products based on documented gentle fiber psyllium seed hulls either as stand alone or in unique combinations with other documented ingredients e.g. lactic acid bacteria, inulin.

The HUSK® Gut Balance series is developed for people who wish to treat their gut problems in a gentle, naturally effective and safe way, as well as to maintain a healthy gut and support regular bowel movement.

HUSK® Gut Balance:

  • Maintain good digestion
  • Regulate the intestine
  • Help to resolve hard stomach


What are Psyllium Fibres?

Fibre is not just fibre. Dietary fibre is a very heterogenous group of indigestible carbohydrates with differences in solubility, viscosity and fermentability in the intestines. Psyllium is a soluble fibre with a unique indication. It ferments very slowly and in contrast to many other fibres, it forms very little gas. Therefore HUSK® Gut Balance is very friendly to the stomach.

Why HUSK® Gut Balance?

Psyllium seed hulls are nature’s solution to stomach problems. HUSK® Gut Balance products contain natural dietary fibres from psyllium seed hulls. Psyllium seed hulls have a documented effect on improving bowel functioning within 3 days. Psyllium seed hulls contain 85% dietary fibre and are able to absorb their own weight 40 times. This ability is very helpful in terms of relieving both a slow bowel and a loose stool. Psyllium seed hulls contribute to bowel regularity, and in addition to a feeling of saturation.


Psyllium seeds and slow bowel

  • When the psyllium seeds absorb water, it creates a gel.
  • The gel smoothens the stool.
  • The smoother texture speeds up the transit.


Psyllium seeds and a loose stool

  • Psyllium absorbs the excess liquid and creates a more solid but smooth stool. The increased viscosity slows down the bowel movement


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