Unique rose hip supplement. Litomove is a natural dietary supplement which helps maintaining healthy and flexible joints.

Concentrated Rosehip Powder

The unique rose hip supplement Litomove® is a natural dietary supplement which helps maintaining healthy and flexible joints. Joint problems affect more and more people throughout the world. The number is growing due to our change of lifestyle, diet and increased life expectancy. Nearly one in four adults is affected by longstanding musculoskeletal discomfort causing limited mobility. This development in society calls for increased focus on joint health.

Rosehip powder contributes to the maintenance of healthy and flexible joints. Litomove® has a high content of vitamin C and helps to protect cells from oxidative stress.

Why Litomove®?

Rose hip has helped thousands of consumers deal with their joint discomfort in over a decade. The heart of Litomove® is rose hop berries whish are a key ingredient in improving joint health. These berries are handpicked and gently processed into the seedless rose hip powder that give Litomove® its benefits

Rose hip har well documented both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effect, and the effects on joint health are backed up by several scientific studies.

The Science Behind

Rose hip has traditionally been used for its content of vitamin C1. Rose hip powder such as Litomove® does however also contain numerous amounts of other constituents, which include carotens, flavonoids, triterpenoic acids, omega-3 fatty acids and galactolipids. Supplementation of rose hip powder has been evaluated in clinical studies and has demonstrated benefits for people with joint issues.

In recent years dedicated researchers have started to unlock the secrets of rose hip. Today, rose hip enjoys increased recognition in the scientific community as an attractive supplement to support joint health and joint mobility. Independent of the knowledge about the active components in rose hip, several clinical trials have been conducted to determine the effect of this fruit as a whole in subjects.