Nutrilett is weight management products. When Nutrilett products are developed the primarily focuse is on two things: efficiency and good taste.

Efficiency and Good Taste

Nutrilett® is the best documented weight loss brand in the Nordics with a wide selection of products with delicious taste. Nutrilett® offers meal replacements that will give consumers a positive experience and a guarantee for a safe and credible weight loss.

Nutrilett® contains all nutrients the body needs in a day: Protein, vitamins, minerals and fibers. Nutrilett® meal replacement products are high quality shakes, bars and smoothies. The products are easy to use and to take on-the-go. We know that it is hard to maintain the weight that has been lost, Nutrilett® helps control the calorie intake. The bars and smoothies are perfect as meal replacements to manage weight.

The taste is important in whatever meal, so our priority is to make great tasting bars and smoothies.

Why Nutrilett®?

Developed by a medical doctor and having more than 30 years of experience in developing dieting products, Nutrilett® is among the most credible players in the weight management category.

As many as 20 clinical studies have been done on the Nutrilett® Very Low-Calorie Diet (VLCD) powders, making Nutrilett® the best documented weight loss brand in the Nordics. All studies prove that the Nutrilett powder products are guaranteed to give quick weight loss when used as prescribed. Therefore, we are proud to say that Nutrilett is the best documented dieting product in the Nordics! Today Nutrilett® is a clear market leader.

Weight management category

Rising overweight and obesity among the world’s population has become one of the top global health concerns. This is the product category, Nutrilett® is operating within and can be defined as products and methods that help people lose and/or control their weight and assist them in the weight loss/control process. Our core products are meal replacement products in the form of powders, bars and smoothies, but we also offer calorie-controlled snack bars.


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