Our corporate social responsibility

 As the Nordic region's largest player in health products and food supplements, we depend on consumer trust.

We want to provide good consumer information and product guidance. Every year, we devote significant resources to research and development in order to be able to document our products’ health effects and health claims.

It is important for Orkla Health to exert control over quality and production conditions at both subcontracted manufacturers and raw material suppliers. The company works continuously for a good overview of possible risk areas. Orkla Health also pursues various measures to ensure sustainable resource use throughout the value chain. Doing so contributes to both trust and more economical operations.

Below you will find listed information about the most current areas Orkla Health is working with:

Nutrition and health
Health is a growing concern for many. We see ourselves becoming an evermore overweight, gradually aging population. Consumers are also increasingly demanding that manufacturers offer products that contain natural, local or regional products. Orkla Health pays attention to major trends when developing new and relevant products. At the same time we are working to improve the existing portfolio. Reducing sugar levels in some of our products is a key area of focus, and this includes our Nutrilett line of bars and shakes.

Responsible purchasing
Orkla’s has introduced company-wide principles for Responsible Sourcing. We conduct an annual risk assessment of the company’s suppliers centered on Orklas guidelines and the UN’s Code of Conduct for entering into agreements. In addition, we discuss SEDEX (the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) with the company’s suppliers.

For Orkla Health, controlling quality and the production conditions of the raw material at our suppliers and contracted manufacturers is one of our most important tasks in the field of sustainability. In particular, we have a responsibility for ensuring that all raw materials we use from the sea are collected in a sustainable way.

Responsible fishing
Möller’s cod liver oil is made from fresh livers from Arctic Norwegian cod fish from a sustainable cod population. In 2013 the factory at Løren was certified by the Friend of the Sea environmental organization. That means that the Orkla Health, which produces Möller’s cod liver oil meets the organization’s requirements for a sustainable fishing and proper processing through the entire value chain. The certification also applies to Denomega, who works with tasteless and odorless omega-3 oil for the corporate market.

Orkla Health is also a member of IFFO (International Fish Oil and Fish Meal Organization), which follows up on sustainable fishing. IFFO also has a 3rd party certification program for fish oil producers (IFFO RS). Most of the vendors Orkla Health buys from are certified according to this standard.

Palm oil
Orkla is working actively to reduce the use of palm oil by replacing the palm oil with alternatives that are better from a nutritional and environmental perspective. Where we are unable to replace the palm oil in the short term, we are working to achieve traceability in the supply chain. We seek to use palm oil that is sustainably produced. Over a number of years, Orkla Health has working systematically with product improvements, and we have come a long way towards replacing palm oil as an ingredient in our products.