Denomega- tasteless and odorless omega-3

At the Orkla Health-factory Denomega, they produce a unique tasteless and odorless omega-3. The oil is used in common foods and beverages worldwide.

“This is a relatively new and interesting area within our industry,”says Finn Giske, plant manager at Denomega, which is located in Ålesund.

In 2013, Denomega received the prestigious “iTQi Superior Taste Award”, for the best taste and quality of their cod liver, salmon and fish oils. iTQi is an independent Chef and Sommelier-based organization that scores and rewards food and beverages from all over the world.

International effort
Denomega has its sights set internationally and towards the business market. The largest customers are in the United States, Europe and Asia. The factory in Ålesund was established in 2008 and makes oil primarily of cod, salmon and trout. Over the past year, the factory has also worked to produce tasteless and odorless oil from the herring, sand eels and solder with very good results.
“These are the best oils it is possible to develop, I tend to call it our version of the inner fillet. The secret is a local value chain with fresh ingredients, gentle and quick processing and custom-designed equipment,” says Giske.

Denomega also delivers everything from bulk oils for use in dietary and clinical nutrition to finished dietary supplement products.

An environment of strong expertise
As a part of Orkla Health, the factory is part of a extensive environment encompassing omega-3 expertise that provides exciting innovation opportunities, both for the Orkla’s own omega-3 brands and for international customers. Over the years, Orkla Health has gained expertise in the production of cod liver oil and fish oils, consumer insight, marketing and sales to the international consumer market.

Denomega is one of a number of collaborating companies in the Sunnmøre region, which has been given the name LEGASEA. The biomarine cluster is made up of companies in the field of ocean-going fishing fleets, land-based processing industries, fish-farming businesses, omega 3-manufacturers and companies that refine marine proteins. These businesses are located along the stretch of coast from Sogn og Fjordane to Trøndelag, with core businesses in Ålesund and the Kristiansund region.