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Orkla is a leading supplier of branded consumer goods to the grocery, out-of home, specialised retail, pharmacy and bakery sectors. We produce products within a number of categories such as food, snacks, confectionery, health and personal care.

Orkla’s Branded Consumer Goods business comprises the Orkla Foods, Orkla Confectionery & Snacks, Orkla Care and Orkla Food Ingredients business areas.

Orkla Care covers the business areas of; Orkla Home & Personal Care and Orkla Health (dietary supplement and health products).

The History of Orkla Health

1854: Möller’s was established in Norway and became revolutionary in the processing of cod liver oil.

1933: Collett Pharma was established in Norway and was known for the brands Nyco and Sanasol and the range of Collet vitamins.

1944: Dansk Droge was established in Denmark. Dansk Droge evolved from being a trading company to a pharmaceutical company and became a trendsetter for the distribution of food supplements in grocery chains                .

1990: Möller’s became a part of Orkla.

2005: Orkla purchased Collett Pharma.

2006: Orkla purchased Dansk Droge.

2007: Axellus was established as one joint company based on Möller’s, Collett Pharma and Dansk                    Droge.

2014: Axellus was renamed Orkla Health.

2015: Orkla bought Cederroth and the Danish company HUSK.

Today we have a broad brand portfolio of high quality food supplements. Explore our brands further here: https://www.orklahealth.com/brands/


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