Perhaps the best omega-3 in the world!

Can you think of a supplement which contains cod liver oil, that both your mom, dad, children and even your pet enjoys?

Möller’s cod liver oil is made of liver from 100% Norwegian arctic cod caught in Lofoten, where you find pure, cold, clean seas. How amazing isn’t it, that you can actually get supplements this fresh which both have a great taste and is all pure?

Also, with strict quality and control routines in production, it will guarantee the highest quality products for the consumers. What’s not to like!

It’s vital, that we take good care of the nature and are as sustainable as possible. Therefore, it is also important for Orkla to be a part of the Marine Stewardship Council, both because it is in-line with our sustainability strategy but also due to the importance of the sustainability topic. Also, any left-over residue from the processing is used for biofuel and animal feed. By making by-products from by-products, we make sure that our supply chain is truly circular.

Every year, from January to April, Northeast Arctic cod (known locally as skrei) swim hundreds of kilometers north from the polar ice to the Norwegian archipelago of Lofoten. The fish’s health-giving oil is extracted along the coast against this breathtaking natural background.

And if you do not enjoy drinking the oil, but still would like to get all the benefits from the cod liver, it is also possible for you to take capsules instead. If you are not started taking your cod supplements yet, now is the time. Go to our website for more information.