New product: Vegan omega-3

Did you know that there exists vegan omega-3?

Vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian. There exist many ways to eat less meat and animal products and this trend is developing rapidly.

Although we naturally produce vitamin D through the contact of sunlight with our skin, it is difficult to obtain enough of this vitamin during winters. Especially in the northern countries it can be essential to achieved this through supplements.

Whatever the type of diet, it is important to make sure to get all the nutrients the body needs daily. If we do not – or only eat a small amount of fish and seafood, we need to receive the important vitamins in another way. Most omega-3 supplements are made from cod and other fish liver which are not suitable for vegans.

So which supplements can replace the omega-3 from fish?

Fish produce a small amount of omega-3 on their own, but they also obtain omega-3 fatty acid from the algae, which is an aquatic plant which contains EPA and DHA. EPA and DHA are long-chained omega-3 fatty acids that have various documented beneficial effects on health.

Algae is the primary source of most of the omega-3 in the food chain. Therefore this is the perfect supplement to vegan and vegetarian who want to avoid animal products.

Let us introduce our newest member of the Möller’s family: Möller’s Omega-3 Algae which is a 100% plant-based omega-3 and vitamin D3 from algae.