New Sustainable Packaging

Go circular – choose square

Orkla Health changes the packaging on 20 dietary supplement brands. Through this, Orkla Health will contribute to achieving the UN’s sustainability goals.
Orkla Health’s new sustainable packaging are based on recyclable, recycled or renewable materials. The goal is to ensure that 50% of plastic packaging is made from recycled or renewable materials by 2025.

The new type of packaging is made of 48-100% recycled plastic and with a lid and label in plastic from renewable resources. With the new packaging, Orkla Health helps to promote Orkla’s transition to a circular value chain, where the packaging can be recycled at the same time as it consists of recycled materials.

The fact that the new packaging is both recyclable and consists of recycled material means that the packaging can be recycled again, so it is part of the circular economy.


In order to make the production and the transportation of our products more sustainable, we have chosen to make our new packaging square. The square shape means that we can pack significantly more products when we have to transport them from one place to another.