Superior Taste Award 2020


The International Taste Institute is the world’s leading taste certification organization. Every year products are tested by a large panel of professional taste-experts. Medals are awarded to those who exceed the expectations of the judges who are carefully selected based on their experience in tasting.
Since the first tasting award in 2005, the Superior Taste Award has become a significant stamp of quality. Products reaching a score of more than 70% are granted the prestigious Superior Taste Award, with either one, two or three golden stars:

1 golden star: overall score between 70 and 80 % – very good taste 

2 golden stars: overall score between 80 and 90% – remarkable taste 

3 golden stars: overall score over 90% – exceptional taste

It is a great pleasure to announce that Möller’s Cod Liver Oil once again has received the Superior Taste Award. This time for our 4 variants: Tutti frutti, Apple and Natural taste who received one golden star and the Cod Liver Oil Lemon taste has been granted two golden stars.