Stay energized

We all know the feeling. Summer vacation is over, fall is coming. In most countries it’s getting darker, you are feeling exhausted and in lack of energy. And before you know it, the calendar has switched to October and September is long gone.

Right now, we are experiencing a transition period and it’s common to have a feeling of ‘summer blues’ when summer is coming to an end and autumn is just around the corner.

In the summertime, we socialize more, especially this year after a long period with lockdown, closed restaurants etc. In the autumn we isolate ourselves more.

The days only gets darker and darker, and it is very much something that can be felt on our general fatigue and mood. Darkness affects our need for sleep and energy.

Nevertheless, there is something to be done. Just because autumn is approaching, there is plenty of things you can do to seize the months to come.

Go for a walk in the beautiful nature, watch the leaves changing colors, treat yourself good. Turn on some good music or have wine with great friends. Now it is time for ‘hygge’ and self-pampering. And you should not indulge in social withdrawal.

But you also need to treat your body well, with the right vitamins from the nature itself.

By adding Ginseng as a daily supplement, your energy level will rise. Ginseng helps maintain physical and mental performance.

Gerimax have been the energy experts since 1981, and the main ingredient is Panax Ginseng C.A. Meyer and is found in all the Gerimax products.

Orkla Health proudly presents a wide range of Gerimax products, such as tablets, liquids, and effervescent tablets.

Depending on your lifestyle, Gerimax series would be able to provide you with what you need to combat fatigue.

Bring it on, Autumn!