The story about Litomove/Litozin

Once upon a time, there was a berry called Rosehip. Rosehip enjoys sunlight, but are otherwise hardy, and he can withstand salty, dry conditions, wind, and severe frost.

He’s resilience enables him to thrive in many areas, like sand dunes and around the edges of the beach. He’s small but powerful.

The temperature is falling and so does the energy. You might not feel motivated to go for a workout or do your daily stretches. As it’s getting colder, our bones and joints are getting sore and tense. It can hurt and make you feel very uncomfortable. But luckily for us, we can turn to Litomove/Litozin for help. The key ingredient in Litomove/Litozin is rosehip berries, which are the key in improving joint health.

Rosehip has traditionally been used for its content of vitamin C. Vitamin C is needed for the formation of one of the 20 amino acids the body uses to build protein. This amino acid is part of the protein collagen, which is the important component in tendons, cartilage, gums and bones.

Did you know that rosehip powder such as Litomove/Litozin contain numerous amounts of constituents, which include carotenes, flavonoids, triterpenoid acids, omega-3 fatty acids and galactolipids?

Today, rose hip enjoys increased recognition in the scientific community as an attractive supplement to support joint health and joint mobility.

So, even though Rosehip the berry is small, the effect is great. And he lived happily ever after.