Winter season is coming!

Did you know that the founder and former owner of CuraMed, Kåre Fonneløp, was awarded the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award in 1997? The award was given based on the success in the commercialization of colostrum-based products.

CuraMed contains colostrum (raw milk), that cows produce to nurture their calves. The calf is born with a weak immune system and is dependent on the colostrum to build up the immune system. This milk is full of antibodies, growth-promoting factors, and vital nutrients, that can help young calves grow.

What Kåre Fonneløp did was, that he combined the old knowledge about colostrum with new science and thus laid the foundation for the Norwegian sales success, the throat lozenge CuraMed colostrum. And the good thing is that we, humans, can make use of the colostrum to protect our throat. The colostrum tablets supply the mucous membranes in the throat with antibodies that can help the body resist an incipient sore throat and cold.

CuraMed AS was established in 1989 by a Norwegian pharmaceutical family company that developed, produced, and marketed innovative products based on Norwegian colostrum using advanced and patented technology. In addition, the products were carefully tested in collaboration with leading researchers in pharmacy, immunology, microbiology, and veterinary fields.

There are 2 types of ways, you can use the product: for prevention and for self-curing. Especially now when the winter season is approaching, it is important to take good care of yourself and your health so why not take advantage of the situation and prevent a cold from coming?