World Mental Health day 2021

Let’s talk about balance.

Does there always have to be balance in everything we do?

So, if you eat unhealthy food one day, then you must eat healthy food the other day, just to keep the balance? Are we focusing too much on the balance, in the seek to feel better about ourselves?

Do we also have to be balanced when it comes to our mood? Is it not what is expected of us?

It’s natural for us to seek a sense of control over situations by taking control of what we can. For an example, how we treat our body and mind.

Food, supplements, and movement become something we can do very concretely and act on. Making conscious and healthy choices when it comes to diet and exercise alleviates the need for control and provides satisfaction in the stability of establishing and maintaining some habits in everyday life that we know are good for us.

If you break your leg, you wouldn’t let it go untreated. Often however, people tend to ignore mental health problems thinking they will ‘snap out of it’ or that it’s something to be ashamed of. And that’s why this day today, is so important. Because it is not something to be ashamed of.

Today it’s the worlds mental health day and today we salute all that struggles with issues regarding mental health, but also the people that has been through the struggles and not to forget, the relatives.

We salute the brave and strong-minded human beings that are going through hard times.

Like WHO is saying, ‘Mental health for all: Let’s make it a reality.’ So now let’s seize the opportunity to create awareness about your mental health.

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Remember to take your vitamins and remember that you are exactly who you are supposed to be.