Samarin is a unique product with a guarantee for instant relief.  

Samarin is a natural fruit salt product that has a fast effect on heartburn. Heartburn and reflux are caused by acids produced in your stomach, lowering the pH value. Samarin® neutralizes and stabilizes the stomach acid and lift the pH to normal level.  


Samarin was launched in 1923 and has since then been one of Cederroth’s most important brands. Today, Samarin is sold and marketed under Orkla Health.  

It all started at Cederroth’s Technical Factory Store in Gamla Stan in Stockholm, which was a health pharmacy with an assortment of no less than 143 products, where American fruit salt was included in the range. In 1923, Christian Cederroth developed and produced his very own fruit salt – Samarin was launched and it was a great success! With an unusual mind for marketing and advertising, Christian Cederroth managed to get Samarin into the mind of the consumers. Because of this success, Christian decided to invest everything in Samarin and he went from 143 products in 448 different packages to one single product in one single package.  

Today, Samarin is one of Sweden’s most well-known brands and is sold in both grocery and pharmacy.  

Why Samarin? 

Heartburn is a burning feeling in the chest, sometimes accompanied by acid regurgitation. 

The cause of heartburn and acid reflux are often natural and harmless and can vary from person to personTypical causes are what, how and how much you eat and drink, but stress can also be a factor. 

Heartburn and acid regurgitation are two indigestion problems you do not have to accept. Samarin® being a natural fruit salt product and acid neutralizing will relieve the symptoms in a quick and simple way.  

How to? 

Samarin is available in both tablets and convenient portion bags and works after about 5 minutes. 

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