Monitoring Orkla’s suppliers

Orkla’s Group-wide supplier approval and monitoring system ensures that the Group companies have the necessary tools and guidelines for carrying out risk assessments, and approving and following up on suppliers of raw materials, packaging and finished goods manufactured under contract.

Suppliers are monitored by means of self-assessment forms and physical audits conducted by Orkla’s audit team. The Food Safety Department at Orkla trains internal food safety auditors and provides courses on Orkla’s food safety system.

Food fraud is a growing global challenge. As part of the efforts to deal with new risk factors in the value chain, Orkla included food fraud as a special topic in OFSS in 2015, in line with the international food safety standards. Orkla companies are required to carry out a risk assessment of all raw materials that arrive at the factory. In 2016, to facilitate the companies’ work in this respect, Orkla developed a risk assessment model with tools for each raw material category, which has been made available to the companies.

Supplier Code of Conduct